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November 5, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
~Warning: Contains MPREG, Hermaphrodite,Rapid Pregnancy,Birth and Sexual Themes!~

Jared wakes up in the middle of the night in a strange place,filled with metal tables and bright,blinding lights. He tries to move,But is stopped when he realizes he is on a table,Bound down with rope. Suddenly,A whirring noise fills the room,and he hears something open but he is unable to see what. Suddenly,He feels something get onto the table,But he still can not see. He can feel it wiggling against his legs,The more he tries to fight it the angrier it gets. Suddenly,He feels it get close to his nethers,He screams out  as it rips his underwear off and it touches his anus. He closes his legs around the thing,But his legs get thrown back when he feels it push into his anus,and another thing push into his vagina. They start to move back and forth,Fucking him until he can no longer resist his moans. He throws his head back,Moaning out in pleasure,When suddenly the pace gets faster,And the things begin to fuck him harder. Uncontrollably,Jared begins to push himself onto the one in his vagina,and fucks himself on it. Whimpering as the things stop going,He feels a sudden fullness in his vagina and ass,And he realizes whatever fucked him has cum inside of him. He feels them slide out of him,And he props up,Trying to catch a glance at what they were. He catches a slight glimpse of them as they slide off the table,Long,Green tentacle like creatures. Startled,He tries to break his binds free when suddenly he begins wringing with sweat and he suddenly feels something building pressure in his stomach. He breaks his binds and grabs hold of his stomach,He hops up,Puts a spare pair of underwear on that was laying beside the table and tries desperately to find a bathroom,Believing he's about to be sick. There is no bathroom around and he finds a chrome can,Looking like a futuristic trash can. He sinks to his knees and puts his head over it,But nothing happens. Suddenly the pressure got worse,and he felt his skin begin to stretch. Startled,He looks down to see his belly fastly expanding. He screams out with fright as his stomach grows larger and larger by the minute,Soon reaching the ground with it's sheer weight. He holds his massive belly,Pressing in hard to find that his stomach was firm and hard. ''Oh god..I'm pregnant! This is impossible! I can't be pregnant!'' He screamed as he fell onto his back,His belly still growing larger. Suddenly,He felt a large pop expel from him and soak his underwear and the floor,And within moments contractions began to wrack his body. He screamed out as he clutched his belly,Soon the growth had expanded beyond reach of his arms. His stomach grumbles and he starts to feel an unbelievable urge to push. Groaning,He spreads his legs as far apart as his massive girth will let him and props himself up on his elbows as he begins to bear down,Screaming as he feels the child crowning from his vagina. He pushes in on his stomach and screams loudly as the child's head bulges his boxers out. Suddenly,As the child begins crowning,He begins to feel pressure in his anus as well. It does not feel normal as the regular nature calling. Suddenly,He feels a gush coming from his anus,and realizes another baby is coming out of his anus. He screams out as he struggles to push out the baby crowning in his vagina,and struggling to get the baby to crown from his anus. Suddenly,The crowning baby flops out into his underwear and he gasps,Trying to remove his boxers but he cuts himself short as the baby in his anus begins to come,Not letting him remove his underwear. His anus bulges against his underwear as he takes his legs in his hands and bears down,Expelling fluids from himself as the child passes its shoulders. With a huff and a strong push,The baby expels from his anus and into his underwear. Before he has the chance to do this again,He struggles to get his underwear off and succeeds just as the next contraction hits. He puts the children to the side and throws his underwear across the room as he screams out and scoots against a wall,his back pressing against it as he feels double pressure in his vagina and anus again,He bears down hard as he reaches behind and holds the door frame,His nails digging into the chrome that lines it. He feels his vagina and anus stretching with effort at the same time,Making room for the babies as they crown. Soon,The babies begin to form an almond shape in his vagina and anus,and he tries to get up onto his knees to allow them more leeway. As he does,They begin to crown from both ends,Their heads expelling with two rushes of fluid.  He groans as he hold his stomach stomach and spread his legs wide,Pushing down with all his might the baby in his vagina slides out with another rush of fluid,and soon the baby in his anus begins to birth. He reaches a hand behind him and feels the head,With a push he feels the baby move farther into his hands,And without even pushing again,It is born right into his hands. He gasps and turns around,Pressing in on his belly to feel no more children. Relieved,He looks over to the children he has just given birth to. 4 screaming baby boys. Suddenly,Something blacks out his eyes,and when he can see again,The babies are gone and he feels it creep up again and push into his anus and vagina,Pumping him again. He whimpers as the force heightens,and within moments,The cycle starts all over again. They have expelled into him,And within moments,His stomach is expanding again. He is pregnant again.

~Part II coming soon!~
~Warning: Contains MPREG, Hermaphrodite,Rapid Pregnancy,Birth and Sexual Themes!~
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