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November 5, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
~Warning: Contains MPREG, Hermaphrodite,Rapid Pregnancy,Birth and Sexual Themes!~
~Warning: Contains MPREG, Hermaphrodite,Rapid Pregnancy,Birth and Sexual Themes!~

The tentacles disappear as Jared rolls onto his side,Holding his stomach as it grows uncontrollably within his hands. Within moments,It's the same size as before,If not a little bigger. He whimpers at the uncomfortable fullness,and a very large gush expels from within him,All over the floor. One of the tentacles decides to stay as Jared starts contracting,He clutches his stomach and screams out as the contracting begins. He feels the tentacle wrap around his cock with one end,Squeezing it tightly,and the joining end slide into his vagina,Fucking him while he is in labor and about to give birth. He screams out and arches his back as he feels the tentacle slide into him and into his stomach,Feeling it release more sperm into him. His stomach began to rumble,and began to grow again as the first child began to push against the tentacle,Forcing it out of his vagina. The tentacle was relentless as it forced it's way back in,Forcing Jared to push the child out and deal with it fucking him at the same time. The pace of the tentacle grew,Releasing more and more sperm into him as he pushed. The babies head pushed past the tentacle,and began to form at the surface of his opening. He arched his back more as the baby began to crown,and screamed out as he felt his stomach expand more. Forcefully,He reaches his hand down and pulls at the tentacle,It resisting with each pull. Finally,He pulled the tentacle from within him,But it decided to go for his mouth next. He screamed out as the baby passed the shoulders,and as he did,The tentacle lept forward and forced into his mouth,Pounding the back of his throat,Gagging him and then sliding down his throat completely and into his stomach. He coughed slightly and screamed ''Oh great! Now I'm going to have to give birth to the tentacle too!'' He groaned,Suddenly feeling a weird sensation blow over him. He could feel twisting and twirling within his womb,something a baby could not do. He looked at his stomach to see a rippling effect,It was the tentacle. Suddenly,He saw more and more tentacles rippling in his stomach and he yelled out as he realized the tentacle had reproduced itself within his womb. He lunged forward as a loud splash burst from within him,A contraction took hold of him quickly,and he writhes in pain as he grabs the door frame and begins to push,Slowly crowning the next baby. Another baby begins to bulge his anus as he's giving birth to the first,And with a soul ripping scream,The vaginal baby passes the shoulders and slides out of him,and the anal baby crowns,It's dark tuft of hair obvious through the mirrored flooring. With the baby crowning,He gets up and turns around,Positioning himself on his hands and knees with his knees spread as far apart as they could go. He holds the babies head as he positions himself,And pushes hard,Feeling the babies head slide into his hand and soon feeling the shoulders pass. He pushes down slightly on his stomach,Freeing the infant as it slides from within him. He inhales and exhales,Enjoying the moment of peace. But it is short lived as another contraction hits,And something is pushing against his vagina wanting out. He stands up and then goes into a deep squat,holding his legs,looking at the floor so he can see whats coming out as he starts to push. Blood and fluid begin to spill onto the floor,But he can still see whats coming as he pushes. Something green starts oozing out of him,And with a push,A head of some sort is visible. With one more push,It slides out of him with ease. A large,engorged,slithering green tentacle. He screams in fright,and knows there's more of them to come but he must focus on getting the actual babies out. All at once,He feels a head push against his vagina and anus,and he bears down hard,Hoping his knees would stay strong as he removed his hands and put them on his vagina and anus,Waiting for the babies to emerge. He felt one of the babies twist and drop into his vaginal canal,and the other began to crown into his hand as he pushed. Screaming,He bore down hard,and the babies both reached their widest crowning point,the heads both slipping completely out in unison. Jared gasped for air as he tried to ease the vaginal baby out with his hands,leaving a head dangling from his anus. With a whimper and a pop of fluid,He pulled the vaginal baby out and proceeded pushing the anal baby out. Quickly,He reached underneath and grabbed the baby by the shoulders,Sliding him out and onto the floor. Without even pushing,The tentacles began crowning in the multiples,from both ends. Screaming,He began to push them the rest of the way out,All flopping onto the ground at once. He pushed in on his stomach,Only feeling hardness now. Good. That meant no more tentacles,only babies. Another contraction peaked,and as he pushed two heads crowned,One from his vagina,the other from his anus. Within a few pushes,Both of the shoulders had passed and both slowly slid out of him. Pressing on his stomach,It was deflated. There was nothing left. He was done. He breathed a sigh of relief as he pushed in on his stomach,releasing the afterbirth.
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